Heirloom Roses® Founders Fish Fertilizer

This bottle of fertilizer is stinky, but that’s what makes it the best choice for your plants. Processed in the Pacific Northwest, it is derived from acidulated fish solubles stabilized with phosphoric acid and contains a variety of species of fish for greater mineralization. The organic matter of the decomposed fish feeds micorrhizas, building healthy bacteria throughout the soil to promote robust plant with no phytotoxic effects or root burn. This enables the plant to readily receive key nutrients. To use as a foliar or soil application, mix 4 oz. of fertilizer per gallon of water to create solution and apply 1 gal. of solution per 1,000 sq ft. See label for plant-specific use instructions.

To purchase visit: https://www.heirloomroses.com/founders-fish-fertilizer.html

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